Cold Steel – 遍地狼烟

“Cold Steel” is an action- packed, war and sniper thriller set during the Japanese invasion of China last century. It is the story of a young man who was somehow able to avoid the war raging in his country until his skill as a sniper is discovered by the Chinese military. He is recruited to help his country face ongoing Japanese invasion.

Directed by David Wu

Guo Mingxiang – Colonel Masay / Ghost
Mickey He – Xiao Wu
Peter Ho – Mu Liangfeng
Jia Song – Liu Yan / Madame Tang

Watch the Official “Cold Steel” trailer here.

Meet The In-Laws

Psychologist Fan Jianqiang travels with his girlfriend Su Xi from Shanghai to her home in Hangzhou, to meet her parents for the first time. Things get off to a rocky start when Fan discovers that his prospective father-in-law Su Bohu is actually one of his patients who had disclosed to him all his secrets.

Directed by Li Haishu

Guo Mingxiang – Wu Fendan
Xu Zheng – Fan Jianqiang
Benz Hui – Su Bohu
Lin Peng – Su Xi 

The Fox Lover

When the white fox spirit falls for a naïve mortal girl, his loyalties are tested in the clash between humans and demons.

Directed by Chaoyang Niu

Guo Mingxiang – Ji Yao
Gillian Chung – Willow
Julian Cheung – Wang Yuanfeng
Kara Wai – Madame Yu

Watch the Official “The Fox Lover” trailer here.


“Cheat” is a beautiful, cinematographic short film about a man navigating through his suicidal thoughts with the help of a woman who shares wisdom passed down to her from her grandparents. Nominated for Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Cinematography at the Florence Film Awards and winner of the Immagina Audience Award.

Guo Mingxiang – Wen Jian
Adnan Sultan – Adnan
Jojo Goh – Narrator

Running at Midnight

Wu Ying, a divorced, middle-aged woman, leads a quiet life in a small town where she lives with her son, Ono, and owns a small restaurant. Her ex-husband unexpectedly visits her at lunchtime. Wu Ying, at first delighted to see him, eventually learns that her ex-husband has only come to take her son Ono with him to help him run his business. After her ex-husband leaves, Wu Ying discovers something in Ono’s bedroom that leads her to suspect that he and his best friend Ben are in a gay relationship. In a day that started out normal but then began to fall apart, Wu Ying must make a choice between family and tradition.

Guo Mingxiang – Xiao Ye
Cui Xinqui – Wu Ying (Mother)
Hou Xuan – Li Kuang (Father)
Peng Wen – Ben (Best Friend)

For Better or For Worse

Two men in a long distance relationship decide to get married in New York City. When one of them loses his passport, they discover a gulf between them as wide as the South China Sea.

Produced by Guo Mingxiang

Guo Mingxiang – The groom from China
Yu-Wei Hsiao – The groom from Taiwan

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