An Intimate Interview with
Guo Mingxiang

Guo Mingxiang sits down with Massimiliano Mauceri to talk about his experiences as an actor. Learn more about Guo in this candid interview about his life, his passion for acting, the challenges he has overcome and what inspires him to continue acting and making films.

“Change and growth are the most important things to staying motivated for me as an actor. You have to keep learning and growing, and you always have to have a dream!” – Guo Mingxiang

Read the full interview here or by clicking on the photo above.

“Cheat” Wins Immagina Audience Award
at the Annual Florence Film Awards

Congratulations to Guo Mingxiang and the entire “Cheat” team on winning the Immagina Audience Award. This was a very special project to Guo and he would like to say a very big thank you to the Florence Film Awards.

“This was such a great festival with so many talented filmmakers. I feel honored and touched that our film was recognized out of so many amazing films. I am looking forward to participating next year with a new project.” – Guo Mingxiang

Check out the official “Cheat” trailer here.

“Cheat” Nominated for Three Awards at the
Annual Florence Film Awards

Watch the Annual Florence Film Awards on April 18th at 12pm EST. Guo Mingxiang’s short film “Cheat” is nominated in three categories: Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Cinematography. The Award’s Ceremony will be streaming live on Facebook. Click above to watch.